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This natural product is a remarkable herbal skin conditioner as it can render skin smooth and soft. Apart from its fragrant scent somewhat similar to sandalwood, it imparts curing effect as anti-acne and reduces inflammation. And perhaps of its intrinsic UV-block spectrum when applies on skin, it is accustomed to wear this make-up as a natural sun-block. When applies in the night, this herbal powder provides anti-wrinkle effect.

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Thanaka is a yellowish-white cosmetic paste made from ground wood. In Myanmar, it is commonly applied to the face and sometimes the arms of women and girls and to a lesser extent men and boys .........

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Monday, December 15, 2008

Thanaka product called Bio-essence Tanaka White

I would like to share with you this new skin care product from Bio Essence, using Thanaka as primary ingredient. It is called Bio Essense Tanaka White and came to market around beginning of 2008, but product information is unavailable until lately.

Basically, it has the core benefits of Thanaka, processed into lotion using emulsification with added extracts. You can find the retail price and product details belowed. My comment is that it is not necessary to process this organic skin care product with emulsifiers and fats into lotion as these co-ingredients are basically petroleum-based. It maybe more gainful to just use it as it is, to enjoy the same benefits. My personal judgement is some of these c0-ingredients especially fats may hinder Thanaka's anti-acne function. Next, it is rather pricey after blending into lotion, and I can easily sell the same product at a fraction of their selling price, and still giving more benefits of Thanaka...
Bioessence Tanaka White Perfecting Lotion SPF15

What is Tanaka White?
Youthful, fair and radiant skin begins with Tanaka (Thanakha) - is a traditional whitening secret used by all women in Myanmar for more than 2000 years. The Tanaka Tree bark extract has deep nourishing, hydrating and cooling properties, and is a tried and tested formula used to maintain skin fairness even under the hot sun, blocking out harmful UV rays and external pollutants. Bio-essence Tanaka White Series adapts modern Bio-engineering techniques to extract highly effective whitening, moisturizing and anti-inflammatory agents from the Tanaka Tree Bark, providing the most natural and effective care for the skin.

It is a non-greasy formula that uses Bio-engineering techniques to blend unique ingredients Tanaka bark extract, Bio-mineral Essence and Bio-Energy Fluid with other precious herbal extracts such as Ginseng, Lycium and Angelicae to moisturize and nourish skin, even out skin tone and provide the skin with a protective layer against dust and dirt. It also contains Pomelo Extract, which is rich in Vitamin C for effective whitening. Skin is supple, fair and radiant from within.

Marvelous Efficacies:

1. Enriched with Tanaka Bark extract for intensive whitening and moisturizing effects
2. Light and non-greasy formula, infused with herbal and mineral extracts to replenish the skin much needed nutrients
3. Blocks out and prevents free radical damage from UV rays and polluted environments
4. Contains strong anti-oxidants to slow down the aging process
5. Evens out skin tone, covers blemishes and lightens pigmentation
6. Suitable for use both in the day and at night. Can be used as a make up base

Directions to use:
After cleansing and toning, apply and spread evenly over face. Pat gently for better absorption.

Retail Price of Bio-essence Tanaka White, White & Firm Double Action Ess. 30ml, S$ 28.00. (price got from Ebay, clicks to see more)

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I like Thanaka Organic Skin Care Product.This is nice product.
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